Breaking through barriers for workers
who have children with special needs


Safe Play Spaces: The Kid Zone

Children fall. Is the surface in your play area safe? Set up backyard swings and other playground equipment on shock-absorbing surfaces such as sand. Grass is too hard for little heads!

  • Teach your child how to play safely and only on equipment that's right for his or her age. If a child can't reach the first step, it's not safe for them.
  • Children 2-4 suffer 40% of all slide injuries, and one in ten of them is admitted to hospital. Always go feet first down a slide.
  • Check equipment often and repair worn, loose or broken parts.
  • Teach your child how to climb off equipment safely.
  • Supervise and get involved in your child's play!
  • Helmets, skipping ropes and hood drawstrings can get caught in playground equipment and children may get strangled.
  • Fingers can get caught in swing chains, so cover the chain with plastic chain covers.
  • Tooth Tip! If a permanent tooth gets knocked out, put it back in its socket or place it in milk. Take both child and tooth to a dentist right away.
  • Don't forget the sun screen and cover up!