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Wednesday June 15 2016
On June 14th, the Union received letters from Canada Post stating that as of July 2nd, RSMC and Urban members will no longer be covered by our benefit plans. It is extremely important that you read this bulletin and follow the suggestions we have made.
Tuesday June 14 2016
For Immediate Release - OTTAWA - Urban and rural postal workers have signed memoranda of agreement with Canada Post that they will continue to deliver pension and social assistance cheques, and have further committed to ensuring no live animals get caught in the mail if there is a shutdown due to a labour dispute.
Tuesday June 14 2016
Our public post office distributes government cheques that are a fundamental part of the social safety net. We do not want pensioners and low-income people to suffer if the union is locked out or forced to strike. After all, our dispute over contract issues should be directed at Canada Post, not the most vulnerable members of society. In addition, your union wants to make sure that live animals are not trapped in the mail system during a work disruption, as they were in 2011.
Tuesday June 14 2016

Are you thinking of retiring soon? Have you submitted your papers to Canada Post to say that you plan to retire on or after July 2nd?


Monday June 13 2016
Conciliation ended on Friday, June 10, 2016. Despite seven months of negotiations and 60 days of conciliation involving intensive negotiations, we are still without a new collective agreement for urban and RSMC members.