Breaking through barriers for workers
who have children with special needs


premiere resource
Who are we?

For over 30 years! PREMIÈRE RESSOURCE, AIDE AUX PARENTS is a free and anonymous service which provides professional counseling by telephone with a mission to contribute, with a preventive and supportive approach, to the well-being of families, by helping them understand and solve problems related to education and the relationship between parents and children in everyday life.

How to get help?

• The consultations are done by TELEPHONE or email our form, in French or in English.

• WE TAKE AS MUCH TIME as is necessary to listen to and understand the person who calls. Our consultations do not have a time limit.

• We also take the time to analyze and understand your EMAIL and some times we invite you to call us to respond more fully and specifically.

• WE OFFER THE POSSIBILITY OF FOLLOW-UPS, always anonymous, with the same counselor. This personalized approach makes it easier to work on the more complex problems.

Who takes your call?

Since its inception, the staff of counselors at PREMIÈRE RESSOURCE, AIDE AUX PARENTS consists of licensed professionals with degrees in social work, psychology or psychoeducation. All have many years of experience in their field and a recognized expertise in intervention with families.

For whom is the service?

• For any parent and any adult who assumes a responsability towards a child or an adolescent.

• For young people, whatever their age and reason for calling.

• Our service is also accessible to ADOPTIVE PARENTS since February 2006. This service is offered by professionals well versed in the realities of adoption and the needs of adoptive parents regarding the education of children and family relations.

Complementary resources

• Our consulting work regularly brings us to propose, as a complement and as further support, other available community resources: youth services, mother-child activities centers, resources for parents, support groups and other activities, etc.. We suggest, if necessary, appropriate reading material.

• We refer to the appropriate resources all service requests requiring special assistance outside of our jurisdiction, either by their nature or by their degree