Breaking through barriers for workers
who have children with special needs


A Passion for Soccer and Guitar

M2M # 17I want to thank the Special Needs Project for helping my son Sean to develop a passion for soccer and guitar. I would not have been able to afford this on my own. Being Autistic (aspergers) noises and crowds would normally bother Sean but he is learning to overcome this. His greatest passion is his guitar and writing songs. I have seen his self-confidence go from nil to bragging about what he can do, to having friends, to expressing how smart he is. This is a big, big step for my son. He just entered high school and at first my wife and I were worried. But with the involvement of the Special Needs Project Sean has blossomed. He is still struggling with academics issues but having friends is very very important to him. He is now looked upon at school as being cool (somewhat, instead of being weird or odd). Sean even got his first job last month. Taking direction is difficult for him but this job doesn’t require that much. He seems to be on his way. Letter Carrier Halifax, NS