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Special Needs & Moving On projectsThe Special Needs and Moving On Projects provide resources and support for workers at the post office whose children have disabilities. The projects are available to members of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers and the Union of Postal Communications Employees (Public Service Alliance of Canada). The Special Needs Project is geared to families with young children; the Moving On Project is for adult sons and daughters with special needs. Life is more demanding when you work and have a child with special needs. Learn more about our Special Needs and Moving On projects.


National Colorectal Cancer Month Act

The CCAC lobbied for and successfully achieved the introduction of the National Colorectal Cancer Month Act to ensure that the month of March in Canada would be recognized officially as our awareness month. However, this Act did not receive Royal Assent prior to the dissolution of Parliament for the summer of 2006; it will be re-introduced at a future date. Our deep gratitude to Mr. Mario Silva, M.P., Mr. Michael Giles and Mr. Ryan Kelahear for their ongoing support for this important initiative.

The following is the text of the introduction of the Act and the PDF of the Bill.

National Colorectal Cancer Month Act

Mr. Mario Silva (Davenport, Lib.) moved for leave to introduce Bill C-297, An Act to designate the month of March as National Colorectal Cancer Month.

He said: Mr. Speaker, I rise today to table a private member’s bill that calls on the government to recognize the month of March as National Colorectal Cancer Month. This year alone roughly 20,000 Canadians will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer. An estimated 8,500 will die from this terrible disease. Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer and the third most common form of cancer among men and women.

I had the opportunity to attend a breakfast lecture hosted by the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada. I would like to commend the organization for its hard work in promoting the cause and I would like to extend special congratulations to Alain Gourd, Barry Stein and Garry Sears for their timeless efforts. On their behalf and on behalf of thousands of Canadians, I would like to introduce this bill, an act to designate the month of March as National Colorectal Cancer Month.

(Motions deemed adopted, bill read the first time and printed)

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