Breaking through barriers for workers
who have children with special needs

Spend Time with my Kids

I would like to say special thanks to Special Needs\Moving ON Projects who have been financially helpful to my family and me. The support enabled me to spend time with my other kids as well as myself. It has also given my boys the social skills and interaction needed by a male since their father has been absent. I recently got a tattoo in the form of a Ribbon for autism awareness but instead I put my son's name inside the ribbon (Sheldon). Sheldon was excited and knew it was a tattoo. The irony behind this story is the person who gave me the tattoo also has autism.

I would also like to add after 18 years of having a son with autism, I just found out recently that we should never say our child is autistic because it appears to be a label instead we should say "I have a child with autism or is diagnosed with autism". Thanks again CUPW for your help and support throughout the years.

Ajax, ON