Breaking through barriers for workers
who have children with special needs

Société québécoise de l'autisme (Quebec autistic society)

fqtedPromotion, awareness-building, information and training

The SQA is an advocate for the autistic: the right to become as socially self-sufficient as possible; the right to live with dignity; the right to education for children, adolescents and adults; the right to specific

structures to compensate for past deficiencies.

• The SQA advocates for the right of the parents of an autistic child to a diagnosis based on internationally-recognized scientific criteria, and the right to information on caring for their child, regardless of age.

• The SQA supports projects and the building of educational and outreach structures promoted by parent of autistic persons.

• The SQA support and assists in training and educating parents, specialists and the general public on autism, specific educational strategies and scientific research.

• The SQA coordinate provincial support for affected parents and structures.

Resource Details:
Topic Area: Family support and information; rights and legal information; detailed information on physical disabilities
Type: Website
Source/Organization: Not-for-profit organization
Geographic Focus: The SQA is present in 10 administrative regions in Quebec.
Language: Bilingual (French and English)
Purpose: Founded by a group of parents who wanted to bring together people wishing to share their common experiences and to be advocates for the rights and interests of autistic persons and their families.
Date reviewed: January 2013