Breaking through barriers for workers
who have children with special needs

Learning Disabilities Association of Quebec

aqetaInformation and active listening; Family mutual support programs; Educating public and other players through conferences and an annual convention; Representing members. Promotes a partnership with all educational, health and

work communities; plays a particularly active role in Quebec, not only through public outreach activities, but also by representing its  members in Ministry of Education activities; educates the public and provides information and references throughout Quebec.

Special feature: Was awarded the Quebec Human Rights Commission's "Rights and Liberties Award" as recognition for its exemplary commitment to promoting, maintaining and defending youth rights; also won an award for volunteer work in Quebec (Prix Hommage Bénévolat Québec).

Resource Details:
Topic Area: Information and family support, rights and legal information, detailed information on disabilities
Type: Website
Source/Organization: Not-for-profit organization
Geographic Focus: Québec
Language: Bilingual (French and English)
Purpose: Advocate for the rights of children and adults with learning difficulties; represent parents and supports their efforts.
Date reviewed: January 2013